5 year plan 

What I want from my life in the next 5 years

❤︎To have a writing job I enjoy waking up to almost every morning. 

❤︎I’d love a nice apartment with big windows and lots of plants and succulents where I can breath easy.

❤︎To reduce my anxiety and stress levels

❤︎To have my masters degree

❤︎I would like to be living in a new country or city

❤︎To still be with Chad

❤︎To have a nice work environment, be it a space or at home.

❤︎To have N1 Japanese

❤︎Start learning a new language, maybe French or Norwegian 

❤︎I would love to be better at staying in contact with my friends

❤︎To get my body to where I want it

❤︎I need to be better dressed

❤︎To be more organised and punctual

And finally, perhaps the most important of all;

❤︎To be happy.

How about you  guys? Please tell me a few things you’d like to happen in the next five years.


Countries I want to visit

I’ve always loved travelling. Even if it’s a road trip. I feel my heart grow light and my nerves dance as the world around me comes alive. The idea of living a life and never seeing beyond my own garden gate is so frightening to me. Every time  think about it, it’s like an alarm bell going off in my head, telling me I need to move. I don’t know where exactly, I just have  to start walking in some direction.

I recently watched the film, ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ and I have to admit, I was moved. It smashed my fear of being ‘too old’ or having ‘no time’ into tiny fragments. This won’t last long, however, and soon the mirror of my delusions will be up and fully functioning once more, forcing me to look at a fear a twenty-three year old really shouldn’t have.

But, After my week of travelling Kyushu, I’m ready for more. I decided to make a list of all the countries/specific cities I want to visit or revisit, and I thought It would be nice to share them here. My list is a little small right now, but I’m sure as time ticks on, many will be ticked off and added!

(The little ‘*’ indicates countries I want to revisit.)

And so, without further ado, here is my list of ‘Countries I want to visit’ (In alphabetical order of course!)

  • Canada
  • Denmark/Copenhagen
  • France*
  • Germany*
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Malaysia
  • Mongolia
  • Nepal
  • New York City
  • New Zealand
  • Norway*
  • Russia
  • Scotland
  • South Korea
  • Sweden/Stockholm
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Have you been to any of these places? If so, where do you recommend? I’m excited to learn more!


While looking through http://shichijyuuni.com ‘s amazing blog, I found myself wondering why my life wasn’t as exciting as hers. Why wasn’t I as stylish? why couldn’t I keep up my blog so efficiently? With all these questions and more, I read on, jealous. I realised In that moment, that I do this a lot. I look at pictures and read stories of other peoples lives and wonder why my life isn’t as fun filled and romance riddled. I kept wondering what the hell was wrong with my life.
Then it hit me. I’ts me.
I’m what’s wrong with my life.
And no, I don’t mean this in a, ‘Oh gosh, I suck, my life sucks’ kind of way, I just mean that I stand in my own way. There is only one person who can give you the life you want and that’s you. I think I’d forgotten this somewhere along the way. Perhaps it was last year, when I took a bit of a tumble and must have dropped it somewhere. Maybe I just never bothered looking for it again.
I over analyze everything and make things so complicated in my head that I make myself dizzy.
I tell myself over and over again that I’m an underachiever, that I can’t do anything and I will never be as good as (Insert name here). So I scare myself out of doing things I want to, out of trying hard for things I really want.  It’s idiotic really.
I used to study hard and show dedication for things I loved, but in recently years I’ve forgotten how.  I really want to learn again.
These last six months of living in Japan have really stripped me bare, and have revealed the worst parts of myself to me, and while I don’t enjoy seeing these parts of myself, I think it is ultimately a good thing. As Albert Einstein once said ‘Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.’ and I believe this to be true.