Blogging Props for Pros

Blogging Props for Pros


Home Spring Wishlist

Home Spring Wishlist

Ceiling light
¥1,520 –

Bath rug
¥3,805 –

Urban Outfitters inspirational wall art
¥21,635 –

Urban Outfitters inspirational wall art
¥21,635 –

Floral decor
¥2,175 –

matte jar candle
¥1,845 –

tea cup planter
¥1,630 –

Gifts for the Travel Lover

Gifts for the Travel Lover

christmas Gifts for a blogging goddess

christmas Gifts for a blogging goddess

Home decor
¥2,120 –

Wall art
¥1,995 –

Wall art
¥1,250 –

Gingerbread Men candle in a tin
¥1,015 –

Body moisturizer
¥2,420 –

Body moisturizer
¥2,420 –

S’mores USB Heated Plush Slippers
¥4,250 –

Self Care Haul

To take a break from the usual travel blogs of late, I thought I’d write about a mini haul of things I splurged on today. Well, I didn’t really splurge in the sense that it cost me a million pounds, but I did treat myself a little.

Recently, I’ve been insanely stressed and a little down. I’ve been walking around with this numbness in my pocket, unable to lose it. Everything that normally makes me happy gives me no feelings whatsoever as of late. If truth be told, the only emotion I’ve experienced in the last week or so has been raw stress. I have no idea where exactly it’s coming from, but it’s here and it’s weighing heavily on my chest, as if the entire population of Nagasaki were sitting on it.

So, as a little pick me up, Instead of getting off at my usual stop, after work, I rode the bus all the way to Nagasaki station and made my way into Amu Plaza. Until now, my opinion of Amu has been low, placing it behind Yume Saito and Cocowalk in terms of shopping and enjoyment, but thats all in the past! Walking around Amu on my own – something I rarely do due to mild social anxiety- I had a chance to glance around some stores, and discovered a hidden gem in Francfranc, my new favourite store!


My first point of call, as planned, was Muji, where I was looking forward to finding an autumn scented candle to warm up my apartment and help me get into the mood for autumn. I was disappointed, however, with their small collection of candles, so I began looking for the second item on my list; a jewellery case. In the last week I stumbled upon EsteeButton’s youtube channel and blog. In one of her blog post she speaks of a clear case she got from Muji, along with velvet compartment dividers, and how good it was as a jewellery case. 

IMG_8963 IMG_8964IMG_8965

I decided this could be a good invested since I manage to loose my earrings and tangle necklaces on a far too frequent basis. The box was heavier and much  more sturdy than I had originally thought, I’m so pleased with the outcome! It’s simple, clean beautiful, and best of all, translucent. I finished off my Muji shop with this shea butter handcream. Decently sized and pretty inexpensive at 600 Yen, it was a no brainer for me. I’ve heard whispers of Muji skin products for a while now, so I’m eager to try some out. If you have any suggestions please let me know.


Now onto Francfranc, my new favourite place. With prices ranging from practical to a little expensive, it’s the perfect place to go if you want to splurge all your hard earned Yen, or just treat yourself to something nice without breaking the bank. Since Muji was a bust in the candle department, I had originally intended to grab a candle and dash, but something in the cup isle caught my eye. So, if theres one thing you need to know about me, it’s my love of tea. I mean, I LOVE tea, so I always make it a point to glance in the mug area. Little did I know I was about to find the most poiniant mug for me right now. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful ’N’ inscribed on the front and the quirky little groove. It was then I noticed the inscription on the back; ‘Nothing is impossible’. I wanted to cry a little. Just last night I was feeling as if nothing I do is good enough, as if aspiring to be a writeris a pipe dream that would only lead to heartache, so to see this written on a mug with my initial on the front, I had to get it.


So, with my new mug in hand and my Insign Amber Must candle in my basket I went to the counter and checked out, more than ready to make my way home.


I also picked up these lovely flowers on the way home for around 300 Yen.

Saving money is important, and I don’t belive money can buy you happiness, but sometimes it’s nice to indulge and treat yourself.


Thanks for reading ❤︎❤︎