I need your adivce!

Okay guys, So I really want to start making my blog look a little more professional. I’ve looked online for many blog templates and have found many I love! However, many of them need to be on wordpress.org to work and I’m pretty sure mine doesn’t run on that.

So my question is, is it worth changing over to wordpress.org or not? I’m really trying to up my blogging game, and I think If I can have a nicer space where I feel more motivated to pour my time into, then I will really be able to up my game.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys, thanks! ❤︎❤︎

4 thoughts on “I need your adivce!

  1. The main reason why I switched to wordpress.org was because I wanted to incorporate my Google AdSense ads on my blog, and I couldn’t do that with wordpress.com. There are a lot of other good things that come with wordpress.org, like plug-ins and a lot of customizing to your blog, etc. Even though I’m still learning how to better my blog, I haven’t regretted switching over! 🙂 Definitely keep doing your research though!


    • Hey Amy!
      Thank you so much for the advice. Despite having been blogging a few months I’m still useless when it comes to the technical side of everything! WordPress.org really does sound better if you want to go for it with your blog. If you have any tips please share haha.

      I love your blog by the way! So happy I stumbled upon it today, Bloglovin’ is really handy for that. Looking forward to reading more 🙂


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