Sorry about the Hiatus! I was in the hopsital

Hey guys! Just a quick message to say sorry about the long periods of nothing.

I actually had a post all ready to go, but I had to go for an emergency operation two weeks ago.

It was kind of sudden and I’ll write more about it later , but since I had a holiday lined up a week later (Just got back), I really wanted to just chill out and recuperate, which meant slacking on writing.

I do, however, have a list of things to be posted, which I will check off as I do them.

  • Kumamoto, day 1
  • Kumamoto day 2
  • Kumamoto Mystery Destination
  • Kumamoto day 3
  • Goto
  • Hospital -Decided not to blog about it. 
  • How to date a Canadian
  • Summer trip–Tokyo
  • Summer trip–Mt.Fuji
  • Summer trip–Osaka and Kyoto
  • Birthday

I’m lacking in motivation right now, so wish me luck!