Pre-Departure Orientation; Day 3

So with all the official Pre-Departure Orientation done, we had one more event in store for us. Having signed up to go to the AJET UK Q&A session, we made our way to Baker street, running into our good friend Sherlock homes. I had actually never been to baker street before, and perhaps if I didn’t have to drag my suitcase around with me for the third day in the row, I would have spent a little more time lingering and looking around.

The Q&A was held in a lovely venue, and the various talks were more than interesting and really gave me a good insight not only into JET life but into what happens after. Everyone was wonderful and the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement.


Tea and Biscuits in London

By the afternoon it was down to just me and Hannah, and thanks to my horrid lack of distance perception, we ended up walking much further than I had preciously calculated to get to the motherland of Japanese food; Wasabi.


Enough food there Naomi??

For those of you who have been to Wasabi before, I’m sure you will agree, that as far as Japanese food goes in Britain, it’s pretty damn good. The race for a table began as soon as we entered, standing like hawks with our suitcases, waiting to pounce on anyone that left their table unattended. Twice we were outsmarted, but in the end we succeeded. God, the food was worth it though!!

We spent out day getting roped into spending too much money by a man who oozed charisma, like truly, it seemed from his pores, and melting in the sun! I also bought a great book called Strange weather in Tokyo, which I really enjoyed. Maybe I should do a review on it? What do you guys think?

We arrived back In Swansea around midnight and thankfully my bro came and picked us up, bringing us back to my place to crash.

Such a busy three days, but honestly, it was amazing!


This girl though

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