Pre-Departure Orientation; Day 2

Day two started of with the disappointment that was breakfast. Having been denied the treat of veggie sausages that I craved due to it not being included in the package, I settled on some cereal and rather unsavory pastries. We sat grumbling like old grannies about the masses of young kids around us, all here on a summer language program (or so we assumed) and making such a mess with their cereal one had to wonder if they were not animals after all.

Suited up once more, I walked the long way to the Japanese class, petrified I had over estimated my skills with ticking the “Advanced” option when asked. With a pleasant shock however, I fount that this was not to be the case! It was a long day, with much sitting around and introducing myself around four times, but the teacher was fun and I got to meet some more people. So from around 9 am util 4:30 pm, we sat and studied, oiling up all our rusty Japanese.

The day didn’t end here though, and a late taxi and sub ride later, me and Hannah found ourselves changing out of our suits and into pretty dresses in an underground bathroom. The dank and dreary walls surrounding us far contrasted out newly adorned attire. So armed with our new glamour we made our way to the embassy, finding ourselves being greeted by, who we liked to call, charming Tom.

To my utter surprise, the first person I saw upon entering the reception room was my Japanese teacher! It was so lovely to see her! The speeches were amazing, the sushi was amazing and the people even more so. I am so grateful to have had that wonderful experience at the embassy and I’m sure I will remember it for the longest time. Especially since I got humorously complimented by the most wonderful and sassy Japanese lady, (who I’m sure all my fellow London Orientation attendees will know who I’m talking about and agree).

It soon moved down the pub, the officials and JETs alike having a drink or two. Me, Hannah and Rebecca ended our night on a high, going all the way to China down for some delicious dumplings before heading back to our hotel, crashing out as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Successful day I think.


Down town in China Town


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