Pre-Departure Orientation; Day #1

So since my house is haunted and I can’t sleep, why don’t I write this horrendously late status about the London Pre-Departure Orientation day 1!

So, since JET didn’t book accommodation for the evening before (a fact that deeply confuses me, even to this day), me and a handful of others from the lovely land of Wales, took the mega-bus to London. A grueling four hour journey made better by the company and copious amounts of welsh-cakes my mamgu( welsh word for grandmother) made for us.

Rhian, Rebecca, Me and Hannah

Finally arriving in London we spent hours on the tube, arriving at our travel lodge just before out souls were sucked from our body completely. The evening was then spent meeting new amazing JETs (many of these my fellow Nagasaki goers) and drinking beer. It also included stealing tea and milk from the caddy outside out door, courtesy of the rebellious H.Thomas, a fellow Welsh JET. So, with the knowledge that we would have to wake at 6:30 am the next morning in our heads, we all went to bed.



Adding a bit of spice to my life

I had honestly never felt so professional as sitting in a suit, especially since I had been healthy had bought apples and water from breakfast ( tesco meal deal is your friend). There is nothing, however, that can ease the horrible gut wrenching feeling you get when someone checks over your documents, knowing if there is but one mistake you would be kicked off. Waiting in the wrong que or 10 minutes didn’t help either, even if I did make some wonderful friends. By around 10 am we were all ready to go, seated in a lecture hall looking bad ass and professional.

By the time 7:00 rolled around we had finally finished out ‘work’ day and were free to roam around! With out head full of knowledge and the mass of names we had collected from all the friends we made, we were really in the need for some food. The evening ended with chilling with some pretty cool people also going to Kyushu! and having a nice drink.

All in all, absolutely cracking day!

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